Our Family, Our Identity, Our Vision, Our Mission
St. Theresa's Church is one of the families of Christ in Central Halifax. We are striving to bring Christ's love and light into the world by being His family on earth. Our relationships are what distinguishes us from the world, as Christ's light is present in them. We welcome all those who feel called by Christ to belong to our parish family. The Eucharist we celebrate together is not different from our relationships: we are not a people of the book, but a Eucharistic People: called to be Eucharist for each other and the world. In the Eucharist we also are changed, and become bread of life, food for the world.

The statue of St. Therese of Lisieux, on the Bell Tower.

Our History

Our Church was founded in 1930, and the excavation for the building was begun on September 2nd 1930, and the Church, now the basement of the building, was ready in December 1930.

The community grew steadily from the 500 families that lived in the area until finally the Church was not large enough anymore to house the people. In 1956 a project was undertaken to build the present Church on top of the basement, that had served as the Church for many years. The works were completed in 1958, and the Church was consecrated on December 20th, 1958.

The community has now celebrated many anniversaries of its foundation, and is subject to the changes of modern day and age, but is facing the challenges with the Spirit of the family of Christ.