Guidelines for the Alexander and Maude Ferguson Award in 2021


Please Note: The completed Application form with supporting documents must be received within the prescribed deadline otherwise it may not be considered.

The Applicant must meet all of the following guidelines:

1. The Applicant is a member of the Community of St. Theresa's Church who is graduating from High School and who is planning a full year of post-secondary studies at University or Community College.

2. The Applicant must have been active in or otherwise associated with the Community at St. Theresa’s Church.

3. The Applicant must provide a transcript of marks for the three years in high school.

4. The Applicant must provide a copy of a letter of acceptance to study at a post-secondary institution.

5. The Applicant must provide two letters of reference.

6. Due to the current lock-down, the deadline for Applications has been extended to Friday, June 18, 2021

A complete application may be submitted by email to or mailed or dropped off at the Office of St. Theresa’s (address above).

Please Note:  A successful Applicant must provide confirmation of enrollment at the post-secondary institution prior to the amount of the award being disbursed.

Please Note: The amount of the award is $500 for a qualified Applicant.

Please Note: This is a one-time award and cannot be renewed.

Please Note:  An award is made at the discretion of the Pastor.