​​St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi Parish has the wonderful opportunity to participate in the resources and presentations of the Augustine Institute’s website FORMED.
FORMED is a Catholic web portal, providing access to a rich array of programs, movies, documentaries, shows, talks and eBooks - all of which could enrich both our spiritual lives and also our communities of St. Catherine of Siena, St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata, St. Patrick and St. Theresa.
There is top quality programming for Catholics of all ages to inform and engage us deeper in our faith; to assist in preparation for Sacraments; to inspire discussion amongst individual members of the parish and our various group ministries; and to entertain us with videos and shows for all age levels.

 Here are some examples of what FORMED offers:

·  Equipping parents with the tools needed to be the primary educators 24/7: Entertainment and Education for the home
 ·  As a resource for small groups formed by Light of the World, Alpha, Discovering Christ, Cursillo, Christ’s Life  and others
 ·  Youth group formation and resources: YDisciple, Why Believe, CST:Catholic Social Teaching, Called to Accompany
 ·  Sacramental prep and renewal: Reborn, Forgiven, Presence, Beloved

·  Catholic Bible studies: Lectio: Mark, Lectio: Peter, Lectio: Mary and others
·  Develop curriculum using Search function or Liturgical calendar
·  Visualization opportunities for younger children
·  Lenten plans using Lectio: Salvation or Forgiven
·  Leader Resources

 To Sign Up:  1) Visit www.formed.org  2) click Sign Up  3) Select “I Belong to a Parish or Organization”  4) Find your Parish by Name (St. Francis and St. Clare Parish, 6351 North St., Halifax, NS) or by Postal Code (B3L)  5) Enter your email – You’re In!

To Sign In: 1) Visit www.formed.org  2) Click Sign In  3) Enter your email  4) Click the link in your email  5) You’re In! No more passwords.