Who issues tax receipts?   The Parish Office will continue to prepare the tax receipts.

When are transactions processed?  For Regular Monthly and My Extra Help offerings  - your PAPP contributions will be withdrawn from your bank account on the 15th of every month.

For Special One Time collection(s) - your contribution will be withdrawn from your bank account on the 1st of the month that the special one time collection is scheduled.  Example:  Pro-Life Assistance - (Feb) will be withdrawn on February 1st.  You must notify the Parish Office of any changes to your account or  donation amounts prior to the 1st and 15th of the month for a change to be implemented.

After registration, am I able to make changes?   Yes, changes can be made after registration.

If I participate in the program, will I have anything to put in the collection basket at Mass?  Unless otherwise indicated on the authorization form, you will still receive your box of numbered envelopes. Most envelopes have been pre-printed to allow you to indicate that you give through PAPP. You may simply place your empty envelope (circling PAPP) in the basket during the offertory each week as participation in the offering is an  important part of our liturgy.

What about special appeals such as natural disasters in Canada and other countries? The PAPP program covers only your Regular Monthly Offerings, My Extra Help Offerings and Special One Time collections listed on the authorization form.  We will attach an envelope to the bulletin for any unexpected requests for donations that may arise during the year.

St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi Parish
6351 North St.
Halifax, NS
B3L 1P7


St. Theresa's Church



Phone: 454-8221     

For Regular Offerings, My Extra Help And Special Collections

One Less Thing To Worry About

Authorization for St. Theresa’s Church
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

1) REGULAR MONTHLY OFFERINGS  I/We wish to contribute    $ ____________ per month as my/our regular monthly offering to St. Theresa’s Church.   _______(Please initial)
I/We authorize my/our bank/credit union to honour the regular monthly offerings to be withdrawn from my/our bank account on the 15th of each month. _______(Please initial)
2) MY EXTRA HELP TO KEEP ST. THERESA STRONG OFFERINGS I/We also wish to contribute as a special offering of  $ _______ per month (with the exception of July and August) as My/Our Extra Help to Keep St. Theresa’s Strong (formerly Deficit Elimination). _______(Please initial)

 I/we authorize my/our bank/credit union to honour My Extra Help monthly offerings to be withdrawn from my/our bank account on the 15th of each month. (except July and August) _______(Please initial)

3) SPECIAL ONE TIME I/We also wish to contribute to the following special one time collection(s) that take place throughout each year as I/we have indicated below. _______(Please initial)

I/We acknowledge that the specific dates may differ from year to year. Please initial above and mark an X in the boxes below next to the special one time  collection(s) you wish to include in PAPP and the amount you want to contribute as your offering._______ (Please initial)

€ Initial Offering (Jan)                          $ _______
€ New Year’s Day (Jan)*                     $ _______
€ Pro-Life Assistance (Feb)                 $ _______
€ Ash Wednesday for Saint                  $ _______
    Vincent de Paul (Feb or Mar)
€ St Theresa’s Heating Expense           $ _______


€ Development and Peace (April)          $ _______
€ Holy Lands (Good Friday)
        (Mar or April)                                  $ _______    
€ Easter Offering (Mar or April)              $ _______

€ Pope’s Pastoral Works (May)              $ _______
€ Half Yearly Collection (June)               $ _______
€ Thanksgiving  for Saint Vincent           $ _______
        de Paul (Oct)
€ Christmas Offering (Dec)*                   $ _______
* Even if Christmas and New Year’s fall on Sunday these two special collections are separate from the regular weekly offering.

 I/We authorize my/our bank/credit union to honour offerings for the special one time collection(s) identified with an “X” to be withdrawn from my/our bank account on the 1st of the month in which the  collection is scheduled.  Example:  Pope’s Pastoral Works - (May) would be withdrawn on May 1st.  _______(Please initial)



Postal Code:

Telephone: __________________________________________



€ Yes, I wish to receive a box of envelopes
€ No, I do not wish to receive a box of envelopes




St. Theresa’s Church offers a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP) for the Regular Weekly and the monthly My Extra Help offerings as well as for Special One Time  Collections that recur each year.

· Your chosen offerings are made automatically

· You don’t have to find the right amount of money or write a cheque for your weekly or monthly offerings or for special collections

· You have no missed weeks or months

· Your regular offerings and special donations to St. Theresa’s Church and other Ministries are automatically confirmed and recorded.

· Decide on the amount of your Regular Weekly Offering to St. Theresa’s Church, multiply it by 52 (weeks in the year) and divide by 12 (months). This figure then  becomes your Regular Monthly Offering.  Please call the Parish Office, if you require assistance.

· Decide on the amount of My Extra Help to Keep St. Theresa’s Strong that you wish to offer per month i.e. $10/month. (except July and August)

· Decide on those Special One Time collections to which you wish to donate by marking an X in the box and writing the amount you want to donate.

· Fill in the authorization form on the back of this sheet and attach a sample cheque from your account marked “Void” unless already registered.  

Give the form and cheque to the Parish Office or place in an envelope marked “PAPP” and  place in the collection basket. For those persons who are already registered for PAPP but you want to include the My Extra Help Offerings and Special One Time collections, you do not need to attach another VOID cheque unless you wish the payment to be withdrawn from a  different account; however, you need to complete the authorization form to make the changes.